If you’re struggling about where to go for your next vacation, the answer is easy: Hawaii.

North America’s paradise, each of the islands that make up this state offers unique experiences like scuba diving The Cathedrals around Lanai, which can only be found in Hawaii.

A true tropical paradise, Hawaii has everything you could ever dream of needing, and you don’t even have to leave the country to experience it!

If you’re still not convinced, check out these reasons for why Hawaii should be your next vacation destination.

NaPali Coastline View Kauai Hawaii - Hawaiianly.com
Napali Coast on Kauai

Natural Beauty

There’s no doubt that if you’ve seen pictures of any of Hawaii’s islands, you know it’s gorgeous. Due to the many microclimates on the islands, Hawaii has dozens of different landscapes, all waiting for you to explore.

There is an actively erupting volcano, Kilauea, and also mountains where you can experience snowfall.

One of the most beautiful natural aspects of Hawaii is its tropical rainforests. These forests cover over 2,500 square miles of the islands and are open for hiking, four-wheeling, and exploring.

Here, you’ll be able to swim in waterfalls and meander through the dense forests, like past explorers.

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Island Hopping

If you aren’t sure exactly what you want out of your vacation, Hawaii offers enough options that you won’t have to pick only one thing. Hawaii consists of eight separate islands, each with its own landscape and unique flavor.

For beautiful beaches, Maui is a definite favorite. It is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving, with its fantastic coral reefs and crystal water.

If you’re looking for a more touristy experience, visit Oahu, home to the USS Arizona Memorial.

For those who want to be as far away from the crowds as possible, the smaller and less busy islands of Kauai, Lanai and Molokai are great options. They’re perfect for hiking, horseback riding, helicopter rides, and golfing, all without the hustle and bustle of the other islands.

And the Big Island, or the Island of Hawaii, is home to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, one of the most exhilarating and breathtaking trips you’ll ever experience.

Beaches, Duh!

Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth, as diverse and unique as the islands that make up the state.

Some of these beautiful islands have black sand beaches resulting from the erupting volcanos in the vicinity. There are also beaches with blindingly white sand and even those with pebbles and rocks.

However, some of the most beautiful stretches of sea are those where you can’t swim. The ocean has eaten away at Hawaii’s coast for centuries, leaving behind steep and jagged cliffs, which are completely breathtaking.

Take a few pictures, hike along them, or take a moment to enjoy the sights.

Sea Life

Just past the varying and beautiful shorelines of Hawaii is an even more beautiful and unique habitat. Hawaii is surrounded by some of the most vibrant wildlife in the world.

Depending on when you visit, you might be able to see humpback whales giving birth to their young. Or, you can visit a wildlife preserve and watch sea turtles come to lay eggs on the beaches.

If you go a little further out into the ocean, you’ll get to have an up-close experience with the local dolphins. Or, you can scuba and snorkel and get to know the many bright and varied species of fish that call the islands home.

Snorkeling with sea turtles in Maui - Hawaiianly

Hiking Trails

This list has already mentioned snorkeling and scuba diving several times, but those aren’t the only activities you can do in Hawaii. One of the most popular out-of-water things to do in Hawaii is hiking.

Hawaii’s landscape is so rich that sometimes it’s just better to see it up close and personal.

You can hike along the Kalalau trail, a favorite for locals and visitors. It twists and turns along the coast, near cliffs that overlook the ocean. Although you will want to be careful during heavy rains as the trail can flood quickly.

Another popular option is Waimea canyon, though, with all the beautiful streams and waterfalls along the trail, you might want to stop for a swim instead.


There are plenty of adventures available in Hawaii. You can take helicopter rides along the coast or, if you’re more daring, hang glide.

ATV tours will also take you deep into the Hawaiian rain forests and zip lines that take you sailing over the treetops.

If slower adventures are more your scene, try golfing at one of the many resorts on the islands. With varying difficulty levels, you’ll be sure to find a style and course that you’ll enjoy.

And since you’re on vacation, you can play as many rounds as you want!

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Seafood, Yummmm!

Considering it’s an island nation, it’s not a surprise that Hawaii offers some of the best seafood in the country.

All over the islands, you’ll find gourmet restaurants that offer the very best that the sea has to offer.

However, it’s not just these high-end options that offer great food, local little cafes or food trucks also offer great variety with delicious flavors.

Or you can visit a local market as we did on Kauai, buy some fresh ahi tuna, sear it yourself, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy it on your vacation rental’s balcony as you watch the humpback whales splash off in the distance.

Fresh Seared Ahi Tuna from Kauai - Live Hawaiianly

Historical and Cultural Experiences

As mentioned earlier, the USS Arizona Memorial is one of the many places you can visit while on Oahu to get a more cultural experience. Here, you can learn about the bombing of Pearl Harbor and visit the site of the event that changed U.S. history.

There are also dozens of farms and plantations available for touring, from pineapple to coffee farms.

If you want a tour with a treat at the end, you can visit Dole Plantation, which includes a train tour, giant maze, and delicious frozen desserts.

Diverse Accommodations

While there are plenty of hotels, inns, and motels to choose from, Hawaii has so much more to offer. There are also apartments, condos, bungalows, homes, and villas where you can stay, all depending on what you need for your vacation.

Many hotels have separate areas consisting of condos or bungalows, so you can have your own space and have the convenience of hotel living.

There are several apartments and home rentals for those who want to be completely autonomous (this is our favorite way to say!) available on the island.

They range from studio apartments to huge, sprawling villas with private pools, saunas, and ocean views.


Most tropical escapes can cost a lot. With the cost of travel, accommodations, and any extras you’ll purchase once there, you might feel you’ll never be able to afford a beach holiday.

However, if you base your trip around what months are the best time to visit Hawaii – May, April, October, September – you’ll find that Hawaii can be pretty inexpensive.

Hawaii offers amazing deals online during the low season that include flight, hotel, and rental cars. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you can even find hotel deals that offer dining credits that will cover your food cost!

Helping to drive airfare costs down is the fact that Southwest Airlines now has select flights to the islands.

When you bundle these deals, you save even more money, so make sure you check every option!

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