[Besides Right NOW!] What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Hawaii?

If you want to travel during the best time of year to Hawaii, you’ll be faced with several questions...

What makes your vacations the ‘best’ for you?

Getting a good deal on hotels?

Being able to do a lot of outdoor activities?

Avoiding the crowds?

Depending on your answers to these questions, you’ll more than likely get different responses on the best time to visit Hawaii.

If you have a specific want or need for your Hawaiian vacation, look it up on the list below and see when you should schedule your perfect vacation.

For the Best Weather

This is a big one, especially since some of the best things to do around the islands are outdoors and in the turquoise waters of Hawaii.

The first thing you should know about Hawaii and its weather is that yes, it is a tropical island, but it still has its seasons. And these seasons make a huge difference on when you want to visit.

The first season that Hawaii has is dry season, which stretches all the way from about April to September or October.

Then, the rainy season starts. The rainy season can be as mild as several showers or as crazy as a hurricane or two.

Needless to say, if you’re going to Hawaii to enjoy the best weather, you don’t want to go from November to March.

Here’s where it gets a little bit tricky. See, it’s easy to say that the best weather in Hawaii is between April and September, so plan the trip then.

But the dry season has variations, too. For example, June through August is when Hawaii gets the hottest.

Anyone who lives in the tropics knows that heat means humidity. This means, if you’re looking for the perfect weather, you probably don’t want to go during the summer.

Most locals and frequent visitors agree that the best weather in Hawaii is in April and May or in September and October. They’re not too hot, but don’t have vast amounts of rain.

During these months, you truly be able to enjoy a plethora of activities on each Hawaiian island.

When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Hawaii?

For those traveling on a budget or who have larger families, one of the most important aspects of vacationing in Hawaii is when they can get the best deal.

Ticket prices are never cheap so most people are at least looking for some kind of deal.

Vacations to Hawaii can be expensive, with the cost for flying, accommodations, activities, and transportation all adding up. But, if you know when to look, you can get some amazing deals.

The two big seasons to fly to Hawaii are the mainland’s winter months and during the summer, when the kids are out of school.

Another time to avoid is Spring Break, when hundreds of college aged adults descend on the island. During these months, prices skyrocket.

Most people agree that the best time to fly to Hawaii is just when the school year is starting (mid-August) to just before Thanksgiving break.

Another option would be to plan your visit right after Spring Break (March) and before the summer begins, so April and May.

The best part about these dates?

They just happen to be when Hawaii has its best weather!

I Like to Avoid Crowds - When is the High Season in Hawaii?

While it can be fun to be surrounded by other people experiencing Hawaii for the first time, some people want to have a more secluded vacation experience.

If you prefer to have a little more personal space, there are certain months you’ll want to avoid.

According to multiple travel agencies and the Hawaii Department of Tourism, the busiest months in Hawaii are December and July. As mentioned earlier, the winter months in Hawaii are always busy, because many vacationers try to get away from the winter chill on the mainland.

The week of Christmas is an especially hectic time, since many families come out to enjoy the holiday in the sun.

July is an especially busy month because this is around when most families can get away. It’s just after school is let out and not too late in the summer, perfect for family vacation.

To avoid these crowds, the best time to come is before or just after one of these crazier months. Not only will there be fewer people on the islands, but there are usually significant price drops after a particularly busy season.

I'm an Active Person, When is the Best Time for Various Activities?

Hawaii is gorgeous and has amazing beaches, so there will always be something to do on the islands.

However, if you want to be sure that you’ll get the most variety and the best quality out of your Hawaiian experience, you might want to come between October and December.

If you’re a runner or triathlete, then October is the perfect time for you to visit Hawaii. Every year, on the Big Island, the Ironman Triathlon World Championships are held.

If you’ve never participated in one of these events, there is no more beautiful a place than Kona, Hawaii. But of course you have to actually qualify for this specific one so get training!

For the surfers, winter is also the best time of year. While the water might be a bit too rough for casual swimmers, it’s a surfers’ dream.

There are several competitions and events held during the winter to celebrate the amazing waves and the close-knit surfer community.

Finally, winter is also a great time of year as it's prime whale watching season in Hawaii.

Seeing the humpback whales come in and birth their young in the shallows is an experience you’ll never forget. We can attest to that and it's one of our fondest memories during our time on Kauai!

What is the Overall Best Time of Year to Visit Hawaii?

Most locals will agree that the absolute best time to visit Hawaii is in the spring. It’s just after the rainy season, so everything is a bit cooler than it will be in the summer.

There are fewer people on the island and the prices are lower than they are during high season. Your toughest question to answer will be which island do I choose - 'Maui or Kauai' in April​ - oh the choices we have to make!

Another plus at this point is that while the waters aren’t as rough as they are in the winter, they aren’t as low as they are in the summer.

So, you’ll be able to surf, snorkel, and scuba to your hearts content.

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